Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Take My Insurance?

We are proud to accept all major health plans to include commercial, Medicaid, and Medicare plans. We also accept Worker’s Compensation.

Where Will I Have Surgery?

While we are able to perform surgery at multiple locations throughout the Tampa Bay area, the location of your surgery is determined by your insurance, the day of the week, the surgeon, as well as the tools they need to perform your surgery. The surgical location will be discussed with you at the time of scheduling.

Why Do I Need An Appointment Before Getting A Medication Refill?

Medications are prescribed for specific reasons, and at specific frequencies. If you have used the medication more frequently than prescribed, the medication is not helping you, or you are having a problem with the medication, our medical team needs to evaluate you in person so that we ensure you are treated appropriately. If you are requesting a narcotic pain medication refill, this can only be authorized by the physician during an office visit. Please understand that it is difficult for us to refill medications on Friday afternoons. If you are running out of your medication, please reach out to us on Wednesday or Thursday to ensure your concerns are addressed as quickly as possible.

Do I Need A Script, Referral, Or Authorization For My Appointment?

The best way to find out if you need authorization to see one of our specialists is to contact your insurance. Many insurance companies such as Tricare, Medicaid, or HMO insurance plans will need special authorization from your primary care provider (PCP). You will need to obtain this authorization first, prior to making an appointment.

When Will Someone Call Me About My Surgical Time?

Your surgical time is dependent on the hospital or surgical facility availability. We are unable to give you a time for surgery at the time of booking. Your surgical facility will contact you the day before your surgery.

Can I Be Seen For Multiple Body Parts/multiple Injuries?

If your insurance requires a referral to be seen, we can ONLY treat the body parts listed on the referral. If possible, we will see multiple body parts in one visit, however if you are suffering from more complex injuries, your surgeon may request that we treat one body part at a time. Treating one body part at a time also allows your insurance company to authorize or approve treatments more efficiently.

What Are The Best Phone And Fax Numbers To Reach Your Office?

All phone calls and fax information run through a central service center and standardized process.

Do I Have To Pay A Co-pay Every Time I See The Doctor Or Physician’s Associate?

Co-pays are pre-determined rates set by your insurance company. These fees are mandated by your insurance company for every office until you meet your out-of- pocket expense/deductible. After surgery, you will be placed into a “global period”, which is a timeframe (usually 30-90 days) in which you will not be mandated to pay.

Will I Need New X-rays At My First Visit?

To have you seen in the office efficiently, we may request that you complete new x-rays with us on the day of your first appointment, even if you bring in outside images. These outside images are likely not the same views or are not high-quality images for your surgeon to review. Additionally, MRI’s or CT scans are not a substitution for x-rays as they show a different picture. Our x-ray technicians are highly trained at delivering a quality image to your surgeon. If new imaging is requested upon arrival, please understand that there is a medical indication for these images, and your surgeon needs them in order to develop an accurate treatment plan.

Will My Insurance Cover My X-rays, Brace (DME), Or Injections Provided In Office?

Our specialized billing team stays up to date with current insurance trends so that we can provide you with more specific information on what will be covered during your visit. Regarding bracing, our staff is trained to be able to run your insurance benefits in real time and provide you with an estimated out-of-pocket cost so that there are no surprises after your visit.

Will I Need To Fill Out Paperwork At The Start Of Each Office Visit?

At the start of each visit, we may require you to fill out a short questionnaire that provides us with better information on your progress and expedites your care.

How long will it take to fill out my FMLA, short-term and/or long-term disability paperwork?

These forms are processed by our Patient Services Department and can take up to 10 business days to All FMLA or disability forms can be faxed to 813-737-0431. If you have questions regarding the status of your paperwork, please call us at 813-684-2663 x 173, or email us at

Why Was My MRI/CT Scan, Medication, Physical Therapy, Or Brace Denied By My Insurance?

While the physician will order special tests, advanced imaging, therapy, braces and medications, the insurance companies may sometimes deny the request. Often this is a result of the type of insurance policy you have. Not all insurance is the same and just because you have insurance does not mean everything is covered. Its best to call your insurance company and understand what your plan will and will not cover.

Why Do I Need A Photo ID To Be Seen In Office?

We cannot see you without presenting a standard picture ID to confirm your identity. This helps us protect our patient’s health information. If you have questions about acceptable forms of identification, please contact us.