OMG Culture, Mission & Vision

OMG Culture

Patient care is our primary responsibility, and all decisions made at OMG are centered around this goal. We strive to help one another, cover each other when needed, provide assistance both in the office setting and operating rooms, and have created wonderful personal relationships outside of work that continue to mature and flourish. This unique working environment, firstborn under Dr. Stuart Goldsmith all of those years ago, now emanates throughout the entire company, starting at the board level and permeating to each and every OMG employee.


Orthopaedic Surgery Center


Years of Experience

OMG Mission Statement

We aim to provide the highest level of orthopedic care to every patient while demonstrating unwavering dedication to personal integrity, honesty, and ethics. We will strive to make patient care our greatest concern. Furthermore, we will create an atmosphere throughout the organization that emphasizes the entire patient office experience, from the initial making of the appointment, through patient discharge from our care, emphasizing we care for human beings first and their orthopedic pathologies second.

Vision of Orthopaedic Medical Group

Orthopedic Medical Group of Tampa Bay will continue to distinguish itself by forging strong relationships with our patients, business partners, and community to expand our healthcare delivery throughout the Tampa Bay region and central Florida.