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Patient Testimonials

I have no pain in my knee at all. This has changed my life. Thank you so much, Dr. Landfair. You are my hero.

Risha W.

What an excellent experience. It’s been four weeks since my total knee replacement and I’m almost at 100%. Thank you Dr. shield and staff. I’m grateful for all your help.

Carole R.

Dr. Scott Goldsmith gets my hearty endorsement for anyone seeking a total knee replacement. I love my "new" knee. Dr. Goldsmith and his excellent staff took great care with me in explaining, managing and monitoring the process -- and my progress -- from start to finish. I highly recommend Dr. Goldsmith and OMG of Tampa Bay.

Stephen B.

After the surgery of a complete hip replacement, I had no pain whatsoever and my recovery has been amazing. I have had no problems since my surgery. Dr Shield did an amazing job 👍

Brian S.

This was the absolute best experience for a major surgery… Dr. Goldsmith and his team were amazing… I’ve healed so well for only being the surgery was three weeks ago, and I have amazing range in my knee… when I get my right knee done, it will definitely be with Dr. Goldsmith and his team.

Joie V.

Dr Goldsmith is an outstanding surgeon and I will never be be able to thank him enough for giving our family back my beautiful Mother who had been living with unbearable pain for so many years. Her surgical experience was exceptional, from the office staff, physical trainer, surgical and rehabilitation team are second to none. I recommend Orthopedic Medical Group without hesitation!

Gwen R.

Dr. Landfair is an amazing orthopedic doctor with genuine care for his patients. He performed my total knee replacement on February 28th 2023 and was amazing, wonderful bedside manner, he called me the day before my surgery to make sure I was good and incase I had any concerns and also my daughter after the surgery to let he know how it went and that I was ok. I recommend him to anyone needing knee or hip surgery.

Hilda S.

How do you thank someone for giving you quality of life back! That’s what Dr. Landfair did for me this week. My left knee replacement surgery was 3 days ago and I cannot get over the fact that the excruciating knee pain I was living with for months is no longer there.

Ileana M.

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