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Our orthopaedic surgeons treat ALL orthopaedic conditions:

  • Primary and Revision Joint Replacements (Hip, Knee, Shoulder, and Elbow)
  • Sports medicine and sports injuries
  • Trauma/Fracture Care


  • Latest advances: Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections, Stem Cell Therapy, Computer-assisted arthroplasty, MAKOplasty®, partial knee and patellofemoral replacements, etc.
  • Physical Therapy
  • Bracing and Cryotherapy Units
  • Independent Medical Evaluations
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Our Approach To Orthopaedic Care:

At Orthopaedic Medical Group of Tampa Bay, we specialize in helping people maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. We are able to offer complete evaluation and treatment for all types of orthopaedic injuries and help each patient achieve his or her goals.

Our physicians will take time to evaluate your condition, and make sure you understand your diagnosis and treatment options. All treatments offered are based on the latest advancements in orthopaedic care.

Treatments may include further diagnostic imaging (MRI or CT scans), physical therapy, medications, injections, or possibly surgical interventions. We take pride in the fact that virtually all of our treatments and procedures are based upon the most up-to-date research in orthopaedics and are at the forefront of innovation in their particular field.

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Arthroscopic/Minimally Invasive Surgical Techniques:

We offer minimally invasive surgery for many orthopaedic conditions. When compared with the traditional open surgical techniques, minimally invasive surgery involves less trauma to the soft tissues and muscle and therefore allows for a quicker, less painful recovery. This generally allows patients to return home the same day as surgery!

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Sports Medicine:

Our sports medicine team consists of experts who diagnose, treat, and offer preventative care for sports-related injuries. We work with athletes of all levels. Our goal is to return you back to sports activities as soon as possible. There are numerous treatment options available, and each treatment plan is customized to your individual goals. We offer a range of non-operative treatments including physical therapy, anti-inflammatories, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, etc. If these treatments fail, our sports medicine experts are prepared to offer the latest surgical innovations when required.

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Pediatric Conditions

We treat a wide range of pediatric orthopedic conditions, including the diagnosis and treatment of shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, spine, hand and ankle/foot disorders. We take care to make sure you and your family are involved in the evaluation and treatment of these conditions.

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Treatment of Military Injuries

Our team consists of several providers with extensive military experience. Orthopaedic Medical Group of Tampa Bay is dedicated to providing high-quality care to active-duty military members and their families. We offer sports medicine and trauma care to active and retired U.S. service members.

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