Surgery Locations, Scheduling, Preoperative Testing & The Total Joint Replacement Class

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Where Will I Have Surgery?

Surgery Center Setting

Most total joint replacement surgery is now being performed in an outpatient surgical center where you arrive early in the morning for surgery and are discharged back home to your family within 3-4 hours of surgery. We prefer using the outpatient centers as we can control more aspects of your care to ensure you have the best result possible.

Hospital Setting

Joint replacement in the hospital setting is reserved for patients with complex medical conditions, or patients whose insurance is not contracted with the surgical center. Patients with complex medical conditions may benefit from having surgery in the hospital setting to better manage these other medical conditions.

Surgical Locations

The OMG Surgery Center Difference

We have built a state-of-the-art facility in Lithia, FL. This facility was built with the total joint population in mind. All of the staff who work at the facility have been hired by your physician, and have received specialized training in total joint replacement surgery, and postoperative recovery.

What Does The Surgical Scheduling Process Look Like?

  1. Once indicated for surgery by our team you will receive a blue packet that contains all preoperative testing orders and preoperative educational materials.
  2. Within 24-48 hours of receiving the blue packet, you will receive a call from one of our surgical coordinators. The surgical coordinator will help you plan your date of surgery, and facility, and help you navigate the preoperative testing needed. Surgery will usually be scheduled within 4-6 weeks of your first appointment.
  3. You will attend a total joint replacement class within 2-4 weeks of your surgical date to assist with preoperative questions/concerns and ensure you understand the postoperative protocol.
  4. You will attend a pre-operative appointment to review the results of all testing with your doctor roughly 2 weeks prior to your surgical date.
  5. After surgery, you will return to the office within 2-4 weeks for postoperative evaluation and X-rays

What Pre-Surgical Testing Is Ordered?

Most patients will need to undergo blood work, EKG, medical clearance, and MRSA testing. Orders will be provided the day you are indicated for surgery in the office, however, results are due back to our office by at least 2 weeks prior to surgery to avoid cancellation. If you suffer from heart, lung, vascular, or neurologic conditions we may also request special testing or clearances from a specialist such as a cardiologist to ensure you are safe to proceed with surgery.

pre surgical testing

My Pre-Operative Checklist:

Prepare Your Home

  • Remove all fall hazards (rugs, electrical cords, clutter)
  • Stock up on all food/essentials
  • Obtain closed-toe, non -slip shoes to wear after surgery
  • Have a plan for your pets

4-6 Weeks Before Surgery

  • Meet with your primary care doctor to work on improving modifiable risk factors like diabetes, smoking, narcotic pain medication use, and obesity
  • Being pre-surgical testing and medical clearances (due 2 weeks before surgery)
  • Focus on a high-protein diet to assist with soft tissue recovery after surgery
  • Begin your home exercise program 2-3x per week
  • Attend your joint replacement class

2 Weeks Before Surgery

  • Make sure all testing/clearances are complete and received by our office
  • Attain a two-wheeled walker through a secondhand store, or insurance
  • Schedule your appointment for outpatient physical therapy
  • Stop the following medications: NSAID’s such as ibuprofen, Aleve, Motrin, Meloxicam/Mobic, Celebrex, Diclofenac, Naproxen, All supplements, medical marijuana, diet pills, and blood thinners.

1 Day Before Surgery

  • Expect a call from the surgical facility to discuss the time of arrival
  • Clean all sheets, clothing, or towels that will be used after surgery
  • Focus on hydration
  • Make sure you have a responsible adult to drive you home from surgery
joint replacement class

Why Do I Have To Come To A Total Joint Replacement Class?

Class attendance is mandatory to ensure you understand the surgical booking process, understand postoperative expectations, recovery time, and pain management protocols. This information takes roughly 30-45 minutes to review and cannot be accomplished during the office visit. While we understand that attending the joint class is a separate event in which you will have to come into the office, this course significantly helps to decrease complication rates, and ensures you are prepared for the major procedure you will be undergoing. Roughly 8-10 classes are offered each month in 7 locations. Your surgical coordinator will schedule you for a course date at the time of surgical scheduling.