The Importance of Physical Therapy

Why is physical therapy important?

Once surgery is completed, it is your responsibility to ensure that you regain strength, and range of motion, especially in the case of total knee replacement surgery. Physical therapy is very important in helping you reach your goals early on after surgery. Lack of physical therapy can lead to deficits in strength, range of motion, which then leads to chronic pain. It is important that you begin physical therapy immediately after surgery.

What is the difference between home physical therapy and outpatient physical therapy?

Home physical therapy is used for the first two weeks after surgery while it may still be difficult to drive yourself to a facility. A physical therapist will come to the house 2-3 days per week for the first two weeks to help you navigate your home and perform exercises. Home therapy is not covered by every insurance plan. If your insurance does not cover this service, it will not impact your recovery if you commit continue to perform the exercises provided every day. Outpatient physical therapy is a physical location you will need to go to. This begins no later than 2 weeks after surgery. In cases where your insurance does not cover home therapy services, you will need to be in outpatient physical therapy within the first week of surgery. Outpatient physical therapy has access to more space, equipment, and modalities to get you back to all your normal activities.

The importance of attending OMGPT

Orthopaedic Medical Group offers physical therapy services in three locations. The teamwise approach we use in the office extends to our physical therapists. This means your surgeon can easily keep up with your progress after surgery and individualize your treatment plan to ensure the fastest recovery.

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