6 Warning Signs It’s Time For A Hip Replacement

6 Warning Signs It's Time For A Hip Replacement post

One of the services that we offer at Orthopaedic Medical Group of Tampa Bay is hip replacement surgery. In this article, we will go over the types of hip injuries that may require surgical treatment before going over the warning signs for when it’s time to consider a hip replacement.

A Brief Overview of Hip Injuries

Any type of injury to the hip area can greatly affect your daily life, hindering routine activities and inducing unbearable pain. Examples of hip injuries that can cause these disturbances and require the need for hip replacement include:

  • Fractures
  • Osteoarthritis

Each type of hip injury can induce varying types of pain and debilitating symptoms. We will go over the most common and concerning symptoms to help you decide when it’s time to visit your local orthopaedic specialists:

1. You Experience Unbearable Pain in Any Position

Serious hip injuries will emit severe pain in any given position. Pain that becomes worse whether you’re sitting, standing, or walking is unlikely to get better without medical assistance. In worse cases, hip pain will continue to persist even while lying and resting in bed, disrupting a good night’s sleep.

2. The Stiffness or Range of Motion is Debilitating

Some types of injuries will cause the hip to lock up or limit motion while walking, turning, and so on. You should be able to walk normally without anything holding you back, and so hip injuries that cause stiffness or limited range of motion may require replacement surgery to restore proper mobility.

3. There Are Clear Indicators of Hindered Functionality

There may be visible, audible, or other tangible indicators of your hip being injured to the point of needing replacement surgery. Examples of such indicators include sounds or feelings of clicking, catching, or locking in your hip joints that would cause you to stop in your tracks when it happens.

4. Your Hip Distracts From Everyday Life

The distractions mentioned above can cause mental strain on your everyday life. Attempting to do something as simple as bending down to pick up something you’ve dropped or getting up out of a chair can become a major obstacle when you have a hip injury. These challenges can make it difficult to enjoy your day-to-day life without the assistance of a walker or cane which can, in turn, induce emotional discomfort.

5. You’ve Already Tried Everything Else

If you have already tried non-surgical treatment methods such as physical therapy or anti-inflammatory medications but have failed to experience any noticeable relief, then it may be time to start considering hip replacement surgery.

6. Your Doctor Gave You a Recommendation

A doctor’s recommendation is all the proof you need to begin treatment via hip replacement surgery. Your specialist will only recommend this procedure if you truly need it, and these thoughtful suggestions usually come after a full and accurate evaluation of your body and symptoms.

What to Expect During Your Hip Replacement

Hip replacement surgery may need specific preparations leading up to the day of the procedure. Your orthopedic surgeon will give you detailed instructions to ensure a smooth surgery. During the procedure, an incision will be made along the hip to remove any injured parts that will be replaced by artificial prosthetic pieces. After the exchange, the incision will be closed up and the recovery stage will begin. Anesthesia will be used during your hip replacement, and the surgery may take between 30-60 minutes. Patients will be walking the same day of the surgery and will begin Physical Therapy soon after. This is crucial for ensuring the best outcome following hip replacement surgery.

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Find Relief With Hip Replacements at Orthopaedic Medical Group of Tampa Bay

If you believe you need hip replacement surgery, call Orthopaedic Medical Group of Tampa Bay today to ask about our total joint replacement surgery services. We will diagnose your symptoms and offer the best treatment plan for you.

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