Looking For A Knee Replacement In St. Pete? 6 Considerations To Make Beforehand

Looking For A Knee Replacement In St. Pete? 6 Considerations To Make Beforehand post

Knee replacement surgery is a complex procedure that should be approached with caution. It is important to discuss all treatment options with your doctor prior to joint replacement surgery to ensure surgical outcomes meet your expectations. For the best experience, keep these considerations in mind when seeking knee replacement surgery at Orthopaedic Medical Group in St. Petersburg:

1. Knee Replacement Is Not Always Recommended For Everyone

When people suffer from knee trouble, whether it be pain or lack of mobility, some of them may consider knee replacement as their go-to solution. However, there are less intensive methods that your doctor may recommend before jumping straight into surgery. Unless your condition is incredibly debilitating, practices like injections, Physical Therapy, anti-inflammatories and bracing may be enough to treat your symptoms.

Knee replacement surgery may also not be suitable for those who have the following:

  • Diabetes
  • A BMI over 40
  • Smoking
  • A dependency on narcotic pain medication

2. Partial or Total Joint Replacement

Knee replacement surgery doesn’t always involve replacing the entire joint. Depending on the severity of the injury, you and your doctor may discuss partial joint replacement or a total joint replacement.

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3. You Are Expected to Take Time Off Work After Surgery

If you are considering knee replacement surgery, you should understand that there will be a time of healing before you can use your knee like normal. Plan to take a couple weeks off from work, or for however long your doctor recommends based on your type of occupation and your activity level. Learn more about how much time you should expect to take off of work before you start considering this treatment option.

4. You Are Also Expected to Be Active During Recovery

Although it is recommended to take time off work after joint replacement surgery, it is also not advised to stay still and rest for the entire duration of this time. You will need to perform light exercises and practice mobility for optimal recovery. Examples of light exercises include the gentle movements that are encouraged during physical therapy. Our team of physical therapists can devise a custom recovery plan to help expedite your healing journey followed by desirable results.

5. Joint Replacement Will Result In Artificial Prosthetics In Your Knee

The prosthesis that will be implanted into your knee joint will offer the assistance you need to use your legs as you did before the injury. Total knee replacement will require more artificial pieces compared to that of a partial knee replacement. After your injured parts are removed and then replaced by prosthetics, the incision will be closed and dressing applied.

6. Modern Joint Replacement Surgery Utilizes Robotic Assistance

A modern advancement that we use in our procedures is that of robotic assistance. These computer-driven devices allow us to make precise incisions and use accurate 3D scans to place artificial parts with the utmost care. Thanks to this innovative technology, success rates and patient satisfaction have increased over the years.

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