Myths & Misconceptions About Orthobiologics You Should Know

Myths & Misconceptions About Orthobiologics You Should Know post

Orthobiologics is referred to by orthopaedic surgeons as a way to restore damaged tissue with the integration of cells. There are many myths and misconceptions regarding this method which may deter patients from going through with certain procedures. Orthopaedic Medical Group of Tampa Bay will be revealing the truth behind orthobiologics so you can better understand this field of study and what to expect during orthobiologic procedures.

“Orthobiologics Uses Embryonic Cells.”

Orthobiologics refers to the study of regenerative medicine that involves the use of cells in treating damaged tissue. Many people mistake this practice with stem cell research which uses embryonic cells, but orthobiologics uses cells that already exist within the body of the person being treated. This allows patients to use regenerative medicine to address injuries in a way that doesn’t require the use of cells from outside sources which can be seen as controversial.

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“The Body Can Reject Orthobiologic Therapy.”

The body has a chance of rejecting foreign substances, however, orthobiologics influences your body’s own cells. The cells within your body already exist in a harmonious ecosystem, removing the risk of rejection during orthobiologics therapy. This method allows the body to focus on repairing damaged tissue with minimal distractions like reacting to unfamiliar components.

“Orthobiologic Research and Practice is Illegal.”

Many topics that touch on cells in medical practices are seen as controversial because there is some miscommunication regarding the differences between stem cell research and orthobiologics. As mentioned earlier, stem cell research involves embryonic cells while orthobiologics utilizes the body’s existing cells. It is true that there are regulations in place for new cell research, but orthobiologics is not included in those regulations.

“Only Athletes Use Orthobiologic Treatments.”

Orthobiologic therapy is a popular treatment method among athletes, but this procedure isn’t reserved for only sport-related injuries. Many individuals may benefit from accelerated healing and recovery through the use of orthobiologics, such as patients who wish to find relief from chronic pain and conditions involving the musculoskeletal system.

“Orthobiologic Therapy Can Be Completed In a Single Session.”

There is no promise that treatment through orthobiologic therapy can be completed in a single session. Each patient may display unique injuries, symptoms, and body structures that can affect the number of sessions needed for effective results. Finding the right plan for you will require a consultation with a qualified professional. During this consultation, your doctor may be able to estimate the number of sessions needed for your treatment.

“Any Disease Can Be Cured With Orthobiologic Treatments.”

Because of the name, there are myths saying that anything can be cured with regenerative medicine. Regenerative procedures like orthobiologic therapy may be considered an advanced practice, but their uses are limited to certain conditions. To see if orthobiologic therapy is the right choice for your situation, it’s best to receive a diagnosis from a qualified professional in the field.

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