Regenerative Medicine & Sports Medicine: How It Can Help You Heal

Regenerative Medicine & Sports Medicine: How It Can Help You Heal post

For sport-related injuries, many patients are referred to regenerative and sports medicine for expedited recovery. What are the differences, and how are they similar? This article will tell you everything you need to know about how these treatment methods can help you heal. For regenerative medicine and sports medicine near you, schedule a consultation with Orthopaedic Medical Group of Tampa Bay.

The Relation Between Regenerative and Sports Medicine

Regenerative medicine uses innovations in orthobiologics to heal internal injuries using regenerative cells. While regenerative medicine may be an option in sports medicine, the concept of sports medicine isn’t limited to orthobiology. So while they sometimes go hand-in-hand, these two fields don’t exactly mean the same thing.

The Scope of Sports Medicine

Sports medicine encompasses a wide variety of treatment methods and procedures designed to assist athletic patients. Examples of common sports medicine services include:

  • Diagnostics: Medical professionals in the sports field will have the means to identify sports-related injuries and create a personalized treatment plan for accurate results.
  • Physical therapy: Regardless of the presence of any injuries, regularly attending PT promotes a flexible body for faster recovery and the prevention of future injuries.
  • Surgery: For sports-related injuries that require intensive treatment, there are surgical options available.
  • Orthobiologic treatment: As mentioned earlier, regenerative medicine can assist in the recovery of sports-related injuries involving the muscles, tendons, and ligaments.
  • Bracing: Certain injuries in the legs or arms may require a brace to maintain stability during healing.
  • Rehabilitation: During the healing process, rehabilitation is encouraged to ensure regular physical activity with movements that assist your body.
  • Injury prevention: A big part of sports medicine is in the prevention of injuries. An athletic trainer will be able to provide advice and guidance on how to properly prepare your body for activity in a way that can prevent accidents.

Regenerative medicine may be used for treating sports-related injuries, but sports medicine offers everything you need to maintain a highly active lifestyle under the guidance of skilled athletic trainers and other healthcare professionals. Learn more about our home exercise and sports-specific therapy programs for an idea of how we encourage proactive care in our active patients.

How Orthobiologics Supports Sports Medicine

The field of regenerative medicine (or orthobiologics) is an advanced procedure that takes the patient’s own cells and redistributes them to the injured area for assisted recovery. This procedure quickens the process of tissue regeneration and overall healing.

There are two main types of orthobiologic services that we offer:

Both of these biologic treatment methods used in regenerative medicine involve the use of natural platelets and plasma from the patient being treated. The main differences between the two involve the type of components that are being extracted and the exact techniques in how those components are extracted. Your orthopedic surgeon will be able to suggest the appropriate procedure for your needs.

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